Elaeagnus Gilt Edge

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Elaeagnus Gilt Edge

A drought tolerant evergreen, this fragrant favorite is used frequently to create privacy in a garden. Tiny silvery flowers are beautiful in the early spring, while the dark green leaves with yellow “gilt edge” markings provide interest year round.
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WEdesign Services

Ideally, your garden should be a living retreat for you and your family, with plants that thrive in our Pacific Northwest environment and spaces that offer functionality, privacy and room for play and entertainment.

To that end, we offer the following services:


To get the lay of the land, our designer(s) will conduct a site visit to evaluate, measure and photograph your garden. The next step is to provide a scaled drawing of our ideas and solutions, so that you have a chance to review and collaborate before we finalize the design. Our final deliverable is the design plan and a corresponding bid, materials list and plant list. See an example of our design plan (pdf).


Stonework, carpentry and irrigation offer not only functional elements to your garden, they also provide inspiration. Whether it’s the unique fence that stands out from the rest of the neighbors, the intriguing flagstone pathway that draws your visitors in, or the strategically placed irrigation system that saves time and water, WEdesign brings an experienced eye and a whole lot of muscle to each and every project. Our services include stonework, plantings, carpentry, drip irrigation and water catchment.


For those who want to be out in the garden more that you actually can be sometimes, WEdesign offers maintenance services. We’ll weed, deadhead, prune, mulch, maintain your drip irrigation system and generally clean things up for you so that your garden is healthy and enjoyable, almost as if you’d done it yourself.

Edible Landscapes

Whether it's incorporating evergreen blueberries and sage into an ornamental planting or growing your own fruit and nut trees, our edible landscape programs are designed to help you eat fresh fruits, berries, veggies and herbs straight from your garden! We offer several affordable options for edible landscapes, including mini orchards, herb spirals, veggie beds and espalier trellises, as well as custom programs beginning with an in-depth edible landscape analysis.

Environmental Commitment

WEdesign has a “5-Star” rating from the EnviroStars program, the highest rating. WEdesign is also a member of Seattle Tilth, the Coalition Of Organic Landscapers and the EcoBuilding Guild.


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